IM in SL


Personal Tales of Catholic Grade and High School

A Monologue
Performance by
Stephen A. Schrum

Music composed
and performed by
Jeremy dePrisco

Performed in Second Life by Phorkyad Acropolis
Performed in-world by
Thaylon Singh
Immaculate Misconceptions
are “the simplistic explanations, half-truths, canonical misinterpretations, and outright disinformation received from the mouths of teachers by Catholic school students.”
Wed 7/9 5pm SL
Part 1 (grades 1-4)
The promo video on youtube:
Thu 7/10 5pm SL
Part 2 (grades 5-8)
Phorkyad on Tonight Live with Paisey Beebe (SLCN)
Fri 7/11 5pm SL
Part 3 (high school)
In this monologue performance, Phorkyad tells his stories of Catholic grade school and high school, finding the humorous and serious aspects of the positive—and negative—role models of his youth. With references to secular events (such as the Kennedy Assassination and the NASA moon landing), as well as more religious happenings (the world’s oldest nun giving sex advice and, of course, Vatican II and the Baltimore Catechism), Phorkyad seeks to discover how his Catholic school education shaped the college professor he is today.
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Tue 7/15 5pm SL
Part 1 (grades 1-4)
Wed 7/16 5pm SL
Part 2 (grades 5-8)
Thu 7/17 5pm SL
Part 3 (high school)
Sun 7/20 4pm SL
At the Greek Theater:
IM features original music provided by accompanist Thaylon Singh, a long-time collaborator of Phorkyad’s. Thaylon will perform vocal and instrumental pieces on guitar and other instruments. The collaboration has been mostly long-distance over the Internet (as previous collaborations have been), using web pages and audio streaming software to preview possible musical selections.

Meghamora Woodward hovers at the Greek to take this photo.
Below Left: the final set; Below Right: Phorkyad prays.
[Click photos to enlarge] [Photos by Meghamora Woodward]
Below Left: Phorkyad prays;
Below Right: Phorkyad poses with the Pope.
More views of the set in progress.

Clockwise from upper left:

Steve in the confessional; Jeremy's take on the books involved; the steps outside my fourth grade classroom--where I cried after singing the solo; Phorkyad blesses the crowd; a pocket watch with hand-painted sacred heart; urinals--imagine turning around from them and finding a nun staring at you!

Right: Jeremy/Thaylon's pedal board--look for it on the set of IM in SL!
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