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What audience members said about Immaculate Misconceptions:

“It was very good, courageous of you to put out there and nicely played and written, funny with just the right amount of not.”—Dennis Thompson.
"Very interesting, kept my interest, very well prepared, and entertaining performance. Say three Hail Marys and Old Robert Vomits and you will be saved."--Bruce Cox.
“I want you to know that I thought your monologue was brilliant. There were so many things I was really moved by. I felt where you were coming from.”—Amie Millward.
"It was a surrealistic experience... I hadn't thought of the pagan babies in years and as soon as you started leading in to it I knew exactly what you were going to say next... Obviously you know of which you speak!"—Karen Houth.
“I just wanna say you did a wonderful job on Immaculate Misconceptions. Jeremy was great too.”—Natalie Porter.
"I enjoyed your production of the Immaculate Misconceptions. I don't recall the clicker, but I've memories of the ruler."—Rebecca Sorice.
"I went to a Catholic elementary school several decades before you did. I was taught by Felician nuns--no lay teachers at that time--and graduated in 1948. I remember the clicker, Baltimore Catechism, daily attendance at Mass, the ritual of monthly confession, etc. One particular event has stayed with me. When we were being prepared for our first confess/communion, we were taught the form in Polish. God only knows to what I confessed in Polish for years. But I also remember that they were excellent teachers,although strict disciplinarians. They provided me with a pretty solid basic grounding in math, English (grammar, diagramming), reading, spelling and for which I later was quite thankful."—Frank Zabrosky..
"Excellent job tonight!!! It was VERY entertaining!"—Kayleigh Painter.
"Awesome show...very funny. Not sucking up, I swear."—Bryan Porter.
“I really enjoyed your Immaculate Misconceptions: very well thought out, finely crafted, and extremely clever.”—Natasha Margulis.
"Excellent work on Immaculate Misconceptions. As a former catholic elementary student of 6 years, I sympathize whole-heartedly with your accounts."—Julian Critchfield.

IM Photos

[Click on some of the photos to see a larger version.]

Left: The Poster Graphic.
Above: Jeremy dePrisco.
Below left: Stephen A. Schrum

(Photos used in posters and programs).

This watch was hand-painted with the
Sacred Heart of Jesus by a nun many years ago.
Steve chose not to wear it during the performance
in order to warn off some lightning.

Above and Above left: Jeremy sets up his instruments and equipment.

Right: The final set-up, ready for the performance.

Left: The View from the booth.
Above: Stage left, with Steve's set-up of podium,
prop table, table and chairs.

The Halloween photo that gave Steve the idea for Jeremy's initial appearance.

Audra the Schoolgirl dressing the nun.
Is the Nun an Angel...or a Devil?
You can see the anxiety with which the two performers fret over the impending performance...
Steve confesses his mortal sins, and then muses over what the priest was thinking....

The interviewer confronts someone with their permanent records.

Left: Steve in the role of teacher.
Above: A demonstration of the wooden ruler.

Right: A scan of the indulgence....

Below: Steve's birthday cake,
an Immaculate Misconfection.