Jeremy dePrisco calls it LINAP: "Like I need another project!..." But I feel the need to do this one--a digital video consisting of photographs of crazy signs, entitled:
To the left is the one that got me started on the idea. It's in the senior citizen high-rise my mother lives in (see Security Noir for more info). After that, it seemed like a fun idea to take photos of odd signs and assemble them.
I am in the process of scoping out more signs. But if you have a pic of a cool sign, send the uncropped digital photo to or mail the print to me. Be sure to include where you took the photo. I'll give you full credit in the final film of course!

No explanation is needed for this one....

The one to the right is hard to see, resized as it is. The larger sign says, of course, "Out of Order," and the smaller one says, "Please do not open this door." However, since it is leaning against the wall, either the whole thing is silly, or the door leads into the nether world of Hades!
The only thing to say is, "Thank you, Jesus!"
This one isn't particularly funny, unless you know the full story. The "Beer Hall" is really a large open tent, which was used by a convention of BMW bikers who met in Charleston, WV one fine summer week. Except the weather turned stormy later that afternoon, and the wind gusts almost blew the tent to Kansas.

Actually, I guess it's still not really funny....

Updated 13 December 2004