by Euripides

Directed by Phorkyad Acropolis
in the world of Second Life

Performance times were:
At the Greek Theater:

SAT, May 31 3pm SL time
SUN, June 1 3pm SL time
WED, June 4 5pm SL time
SAT, June 7 3pm SL time


Phorkyad sits and contemplates
his upcoming production.
Final dress rehearsal.

Promo Material

Rehearsal Schedule:

The first ten days or so, in tentative shape.

Rehearsals for the week of 5/19.

Tech Week, the week of 5/26.

April 30 @ 6pm-8pm SL time
May 1 @ 6pm-8pm SL time
at the Greek Theater:
Readings for the Auditions

Posters and photos by
Meghamore Woodward

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The Text:
A cutting of the excellent translation by Ian Johnston is here as a .pdf. The latest version is v. 2.1.
  The complete Johnston text is here.

The Characters
Phorkyad's Blog (including ideas from students in Theatre Technology)
Special Thanks to Thinkerer Studios
The Greek Theatre constructed by primeMovers
Talliver Hartnell & Jenene Lemaire
Pronunciation Guide (corrected)
Music by Hydrapond Drumbeat

Fawn Skins and Thyrsoi by
Angelina Burali of Mad About....

"Drama & Dismemberment:
Euripides' The Bacchus and the future of SL theatre"
by Night Morrisey

We encouraged audience members to fill out a brief quesstionnaire after the show. Here is the data from the responses, in ,pdf format.