by Stephen A. Schrum

Available Scripts

I have three one-act plays and a full-length play available for production.
Synopses are available for the one-acts;.email Steve Schrum to request the full text.
T he script for the full-length is available on this site.

Full-Length Plays
Abducted! [see on Smashwords] Here's to California!
Aliens! 3 Miles, Turn Left [see on Smashwords]  

These one-acts and other play synopses are available at Lewis Heniford's Small-Cast One-Act Guide Online at

These plays may be done without royalty payment. However, you are expected to send posters, programs, and other publicity materials to me, so I can include it on my resume/curriculum vita.

Film Scripts in Progress

They're Among Us

A compilation of five short films about the belief of aliens interacting with us on earth.

  • Aliens! 3 Miles, Turn Left
  • Abducted!
  • Revision
  • Probe
  • They're Among Us



A woman scientist, pursuing tenure and reliable dates for her girlfriends, clones her husband and his good friend while the three are trapped in her lab during a blizzard. The romantic angles start to work out (although somewhat farcically), while a government agent investigates the situation.
Dog Assassin

A young man hires himself out to assassinate noisy neighborhood dogs. But his complacency is turned upside down when he starts a new relationship with a woman who asks the hard questions. (This might transmute into a musical.)

Notes for World, Inc.,"A satire of the post-apocalyptic New World Order." Read the About page to find out why it is here.

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